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CMS has undertaken consulting assignment to implement the "Community Managed Seed Program"

Community Managed Seed Program

The World Bank under Crisis Response Program (NFCRP) is supporting Government of Nepal (GoN) through Component D2 Additional Financing to Irrigation and Water Resources Management Project (IWRMP/DoA) to implement Implementation of Community Managed Seed Program [Contact ID: IWRMP/AF/CS/2009-10/#2].
Agriculture sector is contributing 32.5 % in the GDP and employing 66 % of population. More than 84% of the agricultural households depend solely on crop production for livelihoods. The average yield of crops is quite low as compared to its potential due to traditional methods of cultivation and poor quality of genetic materials. Seed is an integral component and use of quality seed can greatly increase the efficiency, productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture production. However, Nepalese farmers especially of remote districts have limited access to quality seed. Poor adoption of improved cultivars of major crops and low level of seed replacement is limiting the agricultural productivity.
CMS is undertaking consulting assignment to support in capacity enhancement of the concerned DADO and RSTL staff and farmers for production, processing, quality control, marketing for sustained quality seed supply as well as support in design and construction supervision of seed centres. Under this project, the local level institutions will be strengthened for the production and supply of quality seeds of major crops through development and promotion of Community Based Seed Production and Marketing Groups (CBSP&MGs) in 21 hills and mountains districts. The project duration is 15 months starting from December 2011 to February 2013.

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