Safeguards and Social Development Support for Melamchi Valley Subproject (Institutional and Environmental Support)

Safeguards and Social Development Support for Melamchi Valley Subproject is being implemented by Melamchi Water Supply Development Board with grant support from Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Melamchi & Mudan Valleys. CMS has undertaken the consulting assignment under the joint venture partnership with ICON Consultants Nepal (P) Ltd., Nepal.

The Melamchi Water Supply Project is being implemented to ease the chronic water shortage situation within the Kathmandu Valley by diverting about 170 MLD of fresh water from the Melamchi River. During the implementation, the Project is also providing social and environmental support to the local communities by implementing a social upliftment program. The total project cost is estimated to be US$ 450 million.

As a Consultant, CMS has been involved in Safeguards and Social Development Support for Melamchi Valley Subproject in the following Institutional & Environmental works:


  • Assisting the Project in social uplift and capacity building by improving SUP implementation guidelines and implementation systems;
  • Designed and developed a social development program with significant community participation ownership and empowerment;
  • Provided project management skills to support Social, Environmental and Public Relation activities under the subprojects;
  • Ensured compliance of the subproject with social and environmental safeguard requirements of both GoN and ADB
  • Provided technical advisory and capacity building services to the Melamchi Water Supply Development Board (MWSDB), the Hyolmo Sindhu Melamchi Valley Social Upliftment Programme (HSMVSUPIC) and other similar local committees formed to assist the MWSDB in implementing any component of the project, if any, and associated project stakeholders on all social, environmental, public relation, community development and SUP implementation related activities;
  • Supported in institutional development of HSMVSUPIC implementation committee (user group registration as NGO covering 14 VDCs) by developing constitution, registering at DAO, Chautara;
  • Supported in identification of local infrastructure subprojects (rural roads, drinking water schemes, school buildings, health post, Irrigation canals, soil conservation and landslide protection etc.);
  • Carried out survey, design and contract award to local guides and supervision of construction, monitoring and O& M of local infrastructures.
  • Organized and carried out special events (e.g. field visits by GoN representatives, donor agencies, etc.) as required by the MWSDB including media liaison, presentations on the Public Information Program, logistics, preparation of materials and coordination of other items;
  • Supporting the project against local disturbances and to run the project smoothly by addressing local grievances in time;
  • Ensured uninterruptible conduction of construction activities of project components by safeguarding the local disturbances;
  • Developed Training Modules and provided training to two levels of stakeholders organizations;
  • Developed 14 cooperatives covering 14 VDCs to implement the income generation activities; and
  • Carried out the resettlement activities, land acquisition, components determinations and grievances handling.


  • Monitored quality of resources (assessed noise, air, forest and water pollution);
  • Assessed compliance of ADB and GoN environmental guidelines and regulations;
  • Monitored impact on flora and fauna due to MWSP;
  • Improved management effectiveness through appropriate activities relating to river discharge, fishery, nursery and laboratory development; and
  • Improved project effectiveness relating to resettlement and public relation issues.