Implementation of Community Managed Seed Program

Implementation of Community Managed Seed Program is being implemented by Department of Agriculture with grand support from the World Bank to implement seed program in 21 Hill districts. Its Contract ID is: IWRMP/AF/CS/2009-10#2. The project envisaged to develop and establish commercially viable community based seed production and marketing groups in remote project area to undertake various activities such as seed multiplication, marketing of seeds, grading and quality control and first level processing and linkages with market for increased production and productivity of major food grains, targeting toward sustaining food security in the country.

As a Consultant, CMS accomplished the following:

  • Conducted feasibility studies, baseline and market survey to identify the feasibility of community-based seed production, establishment of community seed centre and marketing program in 21 remote hill districts, targeting the disadvantaged groups;
  • Identified 38 areas of relevance, facilitated them (local farmers) to form the groups, trained them in establishment of community seed centers, and imparted skills pertaining to seed production, collection, processing and marketing of quality seeds;
  • The construction of 38 seed centers were contracted out to the farmer groups and the local farmers were trained to work in construction for the promotion of local employment and for ownership feeling. Local farmers have been trained and engaged in the operation of the seed processing machines and other operation and maintenance of the seed center. In addition, a total of 853 numbers of farmers were extensively trained on Seed Technology through the training program of 15 days duration.
  • Provided assistance to the Regional Seed Testing Laboratories (RSTL) for quality assurance, certification and tagging of the seed lots produced under these 38 seed centers. Provided week long training on Seed Certification and Management to 29 RSTL and SQCC staff. Similarly, 110 DADO staffs were provided with ToTs of 15 days duration.
  • Developed guidelines for establishing a Revolving Fund and mobilization of grant amount to each seed centers for supporting the purchase of seeds from individual contract farmers;
  • Established mechanism for mentoring, backstopping and monitoring effectiveness of the farmers groups on regular basis and for revising and adapting planning & implementing arrangement to respond to the emerging needs and demands on the ground.
  • Developed and printed the “Trainer’s Manual in Seed Technology” for wider circulation.

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