Agriculture Sector Development Program (ASDP)

Agriculture Sector Development Program (ASDP) project preparation was implemented with grant support from Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Nepal. CMS undertook the consulting assignment in partnership with FCG ANZDEC Limited, New Zealand.

The project preparatory technical assistance (TA) is needed for conducting technical, economic, financial, environmental, and social due diligence for the Agriculture Sector Development Program.

The major objective of the project was to 1) Prepare the design and monitoring framework 2) Conduct  economic and financial analysis 3) Prepare program framework and policy matrix 4) Conduct financial management assessment, cost estimates and financing planning 5) Prepare procurement plan, terms of reference for consulting services, and plan for improving economic opportunities for women and disadvantaged groups 6) Ensure social and environmental safeguards 7) Prepare capacity-building plan for local government institutions and various ministries 8) Manage implementation arrangements and implementation schedule. Developed project focused on (i) Policy improvements (ii) Development of market infrastructure and (iii) Agriculture roads.

As a Consultant, CMS was involved in the following works:

  • Reviewed available reports and literature, conducted gap analysis and stock assessment on the subject;
  • Conducted initial consultation and prepared detailed TA work plan;
  • Organized a series of stakeholders’ workshop to present findings and discuss innovative options;
  • Conceptualized the sector development program including the design and monitoring framework;
  • Conducted technical, economic, and financial assessments;
  • Conducted financial management, procurement;
  • Studied anti-corruption measures, policy and legal;
  • Studied capacity development and other institutional issues and mechanisms;
  • Studied poverty reduction, followed by social impact assessment; and
  • Assessed Safeguards (environment, involuntary resettlement, and indigenous peoples).

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