Irrigation and Water Resource Management

Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project (IWRMP) has four major components.

Component-A: Irrigation Infrastructure Development and Improvement

Component-B: Irrigation Management Transfer

Component-C: Institution and Policy Support for Improved Water Management

Component-D: Integrated Crop and Water Management

The objective of the Irrigation Infrastructure Development and Improvement (Component-A) is to improve irrigation water service delivery in selected schemes in the 40 districts of the western regions and to expand and improve groundwater irrigation in the Terai

Under the Component-A, the initial scope of the IWRMP was to improve and develop about 168 FMIS and 60 deep tube-well (DTW) groundwater schemes covering 26,392 ha and 2,100 ha, respectively.  In addition to the infrastructure development, the project has provision for supporting the capacity building of the Department of Irrigation (DOI) and the WUAs with training, workshops, study tours, foreign training, and technical assistance. This project has focused on institutional development and capacity building of WUA to make them self-sustained. The overall project scope was revised and by the end of July 2014, 134 subprojects covering 19,908 ha and 60 deep tube-wells (DTW) were approved out of which 112 subprojects were completed providing irrigation facilities to 13,832 ha. The remaining 22 subprojects have been reported to be completed by July 2015.

Subsequently, Additional Financing was approved which became effective from July 2014 and the closing date of which is June 30, 2018. Under the scope of IWRMP-AF, Component-A, the scope is to rehabilitate and modernize 75 subprojects covering 6,900 ha and 34 DTWs covering 6,460 ha, thus providing reliable irrigation to 13,360 ha.

CMS provided Technical Assistance Support for the Implementation of Component A, which was completed in June 2014. CMS is again the Technical Assistance Support Consultant for Component A of IWRMP-AF. The service started since March 2016 and will be completed in June 2018.


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