Areas of Services

CMS provides planning, study, research, training, implementation support and technical consulting services on infrastructure development, natural resource management, information technology and other engineering fields. While providing its services, the focus is on sustainability, environment friendly, climate resilience and user’s friendly development. CMS always encourages creativity and the use of recent and state of the art scientific and technological tools, knowledge in the solution of development challenges.

Infrastructure Development and Management

– Irrigation and Drainage
– Water Supply and Sanitation
– Hydropower
– Road and Transport Network (urban/rural)
– Flood Management

Natural Resource Management

– Land and water resources
– Forestry and watershed
– Environment and Climate Change

– Alternate Energy (Bio, Wind, Solar)

Agriculture and Socio-Economic Development

– Agriculture extension and marketing
– Enterprise, income generation and livelihood
– Gender and social development
– Local government, non-government Institutions and communities


Scope of Services

– Applied research and development

– Sectoral Policy and Planning

– Legal and Regularity Framework

– Institutional improvement and restructuring

– Environment assessment

– Project identification, planning and design

– Project feasibility studies

– Project preparation

– Project management/ construction supervision

– Project implementation support